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We will hold the 3rd academic seminar on 9th September.


New ingredient

“mnemo PQQ” was launched as a new ingredient. mnemo PQQ(Pyrroloquinoline quinone(PQQ) disodium salt) is water soluble compounds, and microbial coenzyme. It is the ingredient having effect expected to be countermeasure of frailty, improving learning ability and enhancing the quality of sleeping.




We held an academic seminar.


New Product Release

“Knight of Night Dragon” is launced as a renewal product of “Knight of Night Premium”.
“Knight of Night Dragon” contains Tongkat Ali extract, L-Citrullin, Maca Powder, Zinc yeast, Mucuna pruriens, and Fermented ginger.



“Kansetsu no tomo” was introduced by Chiba Television program.




We held a academic seminar.


New Product Release

“Huperun A capsule “ contains “CogniUp®” which is functional food that popular in America. The active ingredient of “CogniUp” is Huperzine A which expected to improve one’s cognitive function, memory, study and action. Result of clinical studies showed that Huperzine A has comprehensive functions for brain. It is expected to improve brain functions.


New Product Release

“Body Challenge®” is launched as a “Foods with Function Claims”.
This product contains Ellagic Acid derived from Irvingia Gabonensis which helps reduce Fat and improves BMI in overweight people.


New Product Release

“Densetsu no Megami” is launched as a new product.
“Densetsu no Megami” contains “PandoraBeauty®“,”IGOB131®”,
“Pineapple extract” and Vitamin C.
This is an innovative product to support women’s health and beauty.



New Product Release

We are pleased to announce that our new product, “Body Challenge®”,has been accepted by the Consumer Affairs Agency as a “Food with Function Claims.” (Notification number C200)

◆Product Name Body Challenge®
◆Notification Number C200
◆Functional Ingredient Ellagic Acid derived from Irvingia Gabonensis(3mg/2 tablets)
◆Food Function Claims This product contains Ellagic Acid derived from Irvingia Gabonensis, which helps to reduce body and neutral fat and improves BMI in overweight people.

The release date of this product is around February 2018.


New ingredient

“CogniUp®”was launched as a new ingredient
CogniUp® is an extract powder from “Chinese club moss(Huperzia serrata)”which is grow wild in India. It has been confirmed that its ingredient Huperzine A has the potential to work as a cognitive booster and memory enhancer.


New ingredient

"PandoraBeauty®" was launched as a new ingredient pursuing beauty "Keeping your skin Beautiful ", "Easily Reduced", "No Rebound".
PandoraBeauty® is an extract powder from the roots of "Fingerroot (Boesenbergia pandurata)" which is native and cultivated mainly in Southeast Asia. It has been confirmed that its ingredient Panduratin A has beauty and anti-obesity action, muscle enhancing effect.


New ingredient

We are pleased to announce that our ingredient "OPtain120®" have got Kosher certification.
OPtain120® is a unique, standardized, proprietary blend of onion (Allium cepa) and pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) extract powder for uses as a dietary supplement and foods in encapsulating, tableting and powder applications (patented in Japan and US).
The onion used for this OPtain120® is a strong onions contain a lot of active ingredients from Hokkaido, this is the origin of the food to make the “blood smoother”. Also we use pumpkin "Ebisu" from Hokkaido. A combination of onion and pumpkin, it doubles their effectives.
As global food safety and health concerns are rising, Kosher Mark is recognized as a "symbol of safe food" in Europe and the US. We hope to accelerate our expansion into the US and overseas by acquiring this Kosher certification.


Contract with Shikoku Island League plus

Ryusendo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Yoshiaki Shiojima) entered into a contract as a support company for Shikoku Island League Plus operated by IBLJ Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Takamatsu-city, President: Toshihiro Nakamura). Contract term is from Apr.1, 2017 to Mar. 31, 2018.
In the future, we will support Shikoku Island League Plus, and at the same time we will try various exchanges for synergistic effects with our sports related business.



Ryusendo Co., Ltd. celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.
We appreciate all the support we have received from everyone. We wish to take this opportunity to go back to basics and strive for further development. Thank you for your continuing support.


At the 20th International Food Ingredients & Additives Exhibition and Conference (ifia Japan 2016), we exhibited the following products: UC-II ® (Undenatured type II collagen) for anti-locomotive syndrome, IGB131® (Irvingia gabonensis extract) for anti-metabolic-syndrome, Wellmune® (Gluco-polysaccharide,β-1,3/1,6-glucan) for stress reduction, DetoSenna® (Cassia alata extract) for improving constipation, and OPtain® (Onion and Pumpkin extract). It was held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 18th to 20th, 2016.


New Release

We released “Kansetsu no Tomo®” as a “Functional Foods with Claims.” This product contains undenatured type II collagen, which helps with locomotion and joint mobility.