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Corporate Outline

Greeting from the President

In the Eastern part of the world, food has been considered the best medicine and the most important secret to longevity for many centuries.

Based on this principle, we have directed our efforts toward the discovery of “food that can be as good as medicine” and have released a number of health foods and dietary supplements since our foundation. In particular, a variety of rigorous tests have proven that supplement containing undenatured type II collagen and nutritional food containing onion extract, are confirmed to have many beneficial bioactive effects, to be very safe, and are also highly acclaimed by medical and nutrition experts.

Scientific study on the functionalities (bioactive effects) of food has begun on a very small scale. However, it surely will be of great help in the expansion of the new horizons of medicine in the near future. This means that soon will come a day when food supported by scientific evidence will be the standard. Motivated by these future prospects, we strive to develop safer, highly functional, and unique products.

company profile

corporate name
Ryusendo Co., Ltd.
head office
1-5-3 Nishi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0021, Japan
Phone +81-3-3985-8346
FAX +81-3-3981-1349
September 16, 1981
54 millions yen
Yoshiaki Shiojima
Manufacturing and sales of supplements
Import and export of raw materials for health foods & cosmetics
Publication of books for foods & health
main products
Kansetsu no Tomo NEXT(Capsule of undenatured type II collagen)
Hizakoshi no Tomo(Capsule of undenatured type II collagen)
Body Challenge Z(Tablet of Irvingia gabonensis extract)
Body Challenge α(Tablet of Irvingia gabonensis extract)
Bikenka(Capsule of mangosteen extract)
Kioku no Tetsujin(Capsule of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Disodium Salt)
Densetsu no Megami(Capsule of GABA)
Attaka Komachi(Tablet of 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol)
Vita-Onion(Tablet of onion extract)
Kabocha-Onion(Tablet of onion & pumpkin extract)
Neochlon G(Tablet of germanium-contained-Spirulina)
Biken Syukan(Granulated powder of Garcinia cambogia extract)
Glucopolysaccharide(Tablet of β-1,3/1,6-glucan)
DetoSlim(Sachet of Cassia alata extract)
immunoone AQUA GEL Kagayaki(Yeast β-glucan containing skin care gel)

associated company

  • Mylife Co., Ltd.
  • Pegasus Co., Ltd.
  • R.K.C Co., Ltd.
  • Shinsyuhakko Foods, Inc.
  • Ishoku kenbi Co., Ltd.

company history

September, 1981
Established by Tsutomu Yae
June, 1983
Launched “Neochlon G,” a spirulina tablet containing germanium
(Patented for manufacturing in Japan, USA, UK, France and Switzerland)
March, 1989
Launched “Vita-Onion,” onion extract tablets
November, 1994
Launched “Ron Grape,” granulated ampelopsis extract powder
February, 2004
Launched “Kabocha-Onion,” pumpkin and onion extract (OPtain®120) tablets
May, 2006
Introduced garcinia cambogia extract (Super CitriMax®) on behalf of InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc. (Current Lonza Consumer Health Inc.)(USA)
June, 2006
US patent for “Kabocha-Onion” acquired
February, 2007
Introduced undenatured type II collagen (UC-II ®) from InterHealth N. I. (Current Lonza Consumer Health Inc.)
Launched “Kansetsu no Tomo,” undenatured type II collage capsule
June, 2007
Introduced multi-berry extract (OptiBerry®) from InterHealth N. I. (Current Lonza Consumer Health Inc.)
Launched “Bikenka,” multi-berry extract capsules
December, 2007
Launched “Nensho Shukan,” granulated Garcinia cambogia extract powder
November, 2009
Introduced Cassia alata extract (DetoSnna®)
Launched “Deto Slim®,” sachets of Cassia alata extract
March, 2010
“Vita-Onion” patented
October, 2010
Introduced tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) extract
Launched “Knight of the Night Premium,” sachets of tongkat ali extract with L-citrullin tablets
March, 2011
Re-launched “Deto Slim®
April, 2011
Yoshiaki Shiojima appointed president & CEO
Introduced irvingia gabonensis extract
May, 2012
Head office moved to Nishi-ikebukuro, Tokyo
September, 2012
Introduced Wellmune® (Gluco-polysaccharide: β-1,3 / 1,6-glucan) in Japan
August, 2013
ISO9001:2008 certification acquired (Manufacturing Control and Sale of Dietary Supplements)
April, 2014
Launched “iSports® Slim,” irvingia gabonensis extract powder (Wild mango extract), and Wellmune®, gluco-polysaccharide capsules
August, 2014
Launched “Immuno One AQUAGEL,” gluco-polysaccharide skin care gel
September, 2015
Consumer Affairs Agency accepted “Kansetsu no Tomo,” undenatured type II collagen capsules, as a “Food with Functional Claims”
January, 2016
Launched “Kansetsu no Tomo” as a “Food with Functional Claims” supplement
May, 2017
Introduced “PandoraBeauty®” from NewTree Co., Ltd.
Octorber, 2017
Introduced “CogniUp®” from Cepham,Inc.
Consumer Affairs Agency accepted “Body Challenge” Ellagic acid derived from Irvingia gabonensis tablets , as a “Food with Functional Claims”
January, 2018
Launched “Densetsu no Megami”, Fingerroot extract powder, Irvingia gabonensis extract powder, pineapple extract powder and Vitamin C capsules
February, 2018
Launched “Body Challenge” as “Food with Function Claims” supplement
May, 2018
Launched “Huperun A capsule”, Chinese club moss capsules
September, 2018
Held the first academic seminar
May, 2019
Launched “Knight of Night Dragon”, sachets of Tongkat ali extract with L-citrullin tablets
September, 2019
Held the second academic seminar
February, 2020
Introduced “mnemoPQQ®
April, 2020
Transfered of trademark right in Japan, USA, EU and Korea
September, 2020
Held the third academic seminar
Consumer Affairs Agency accepted “Bikenka®” and “Body Challenge Z” as “Food with Function Claims”
October, 2020
Consumer Affairs Agency accepted “Body Challenge R” and “Body Challenge α”
December, 2020
Launched “Bikenka®” and “Body Challenge Z” as “Food with Function Claims” supplements
February, 2021
Launched “PQQ no Chikara”, Capsule of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Disodium Salt
March, 2021
Launched “Densetu no Megami” as a “Food with Function Claims” supplements
June, 2021
Launched “immunoone AQUA GEL Kagayaki”, yeast β-glucan containing skin care gel.
September, 2021
The 40th anniversary
Held the fourth academic seminar
April, 2022
Launched “Body Challnege α” as “Food with Function Claims” supplements
April, 2022
Consumer Affairs Agency accepted “Attaka Komacih” 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol tablets, as “Food with Function Claims”
May, 2022
Introduced “DygloFit®” from Gateway Health Alliance, Inc.
September, 2022
Held the 5th academic seminar
October, 2022
Consumer Affairs Agency accepted “Hizakoshi no Tomo” and “Kansetsu no Tomo NEXT” undenatured type II collagen capsules, and “Kioku no Tetsujin” Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt capsules, as “Food with Function Claims”
November, 2022
Launched “Attaka Komachi” as “Food with Function Claims”
December, 2022
“mnemoPQQ” has received Self-Affirmed GRAS certification
April, 2023
Launched “Kansetsu no Tomo NEXT”, “Hizakoshi no Tomo”, and “Kioku no Tetsujin” as “Food with Function Claims”
May, 2023
Introduced “Rhodiolife®

main ingredients

  • NEXT-Ⅱ®(Undenatured typeⅡcollagen extract)
  • UC-Ⅱ® (Undenatured type II collagen extract)
  • IGOB131® (Irvingia gabonensis extract)
  • DygloFit® (Dichrostachys glomerata extract)
  • Wellmune® (Gluco-polysaccharide; β-1,3/1,6-glucan)
  • DetoSenna® (Cassia alata extract)
  • Vita-Onion® powder (Onion extract; made in Japan)
  • Optain120® (Pumpkin and Onion extract; made in Japan)
  • PandoraBeauty® (Fingerroot extract)
  • mnemoPQQ® (Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt)
  • Rhodiolife® (Rhodiola rosea extract)
  • Super CitriMax® (Garcinia cambogia extract)
  • OptiBerry® (Multi-berry extract)
  • GrapeSorac® (Grape seed extract)
  • Yeast β-glucan (Cosmetic ingredient)